Acceptance Letter to the Institution of Limitless Potential

Dear whoever this may concern,

I am pleased to inform you that the Institution of Limitless Potential, where the students have a special difference to normal individuals, has made a recommendation that you be admitted to the 2014 academic year starting immediately. It has come to our attention that you have a unique power. Whether you have been aware of it or not, our professionals have been observing students in normal schools, academies, and other academic institutions for a quality that would seem unearthly, and please do not take this as an insult. We, as a strict and heavily academic-based institution, are based around these unearthly powers and we are just attempting to find a place where skills, abilities, and powers can fit in among others that have similar attributes.

Admission to our program is very competitive, and we evaluate each individual carefully. We believe that a stimulating, intellectual discussion between students and faculty is a necessary ingredient of a successful graduate program. We have recommended that the Faculty of Graduate Studies admit you because we think that you will be able to make an important contribution to this research dialogue. In turn, we hope that the personal supervision we offer, together with the collegial atmosphere of our graduate students, will combine to make your stay here very rewarding - personally, academically, and professionally. 

Professor Ashe Lancaster will be your advisor and homeroom professor for your upcoming year. All faculty and staff, as well as your fellow graduate students in the program, welcome you to the graduate studies at the Institution of Limitless Potential! We are eager to help you with your entry to our program. 

Attached to this letter, you will find a student information sheet in which you will need to fill in all information from the boxes and any additional information that you might require.

Yours truly,

Eric Westminister

Eric Westminister, PhD                  

Dean of the Institute of Limitless Potential