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Alanze is a snappy bitch. She always has something to say. Despite her over baring personality she can also be quiet and very observant. She doest have quite the temper and like any woman can be irrational and extremley stupid when she is angry. All that aside Alanze is one of the most outgoing kind hearted people with a slight sassy pep in her step. She super friendly and painfully optimistic. She's also very in tuned with her feelings and crys over every thing sings all the time dances every where. She has next to no shame and would literally walk around naked if a dress code wasnt present. Being of her Italian heritige shes used to being around people and gets kind of quiet when she is alone. She knows when and whom to respect and looks for any oppurtunity to bend the rules.


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Aiesla Caledonia

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Alanze is a part of a long line of Elven that have helped keep the elements of the world in balance. Alanze comes from the long line of elven that guard the fire element.  The family comes from Italian decent. Currently her mother guards the realm where the tree of fire is held. There she meditates and keeps the fire of the world in balance with the other elements. She is never allowed to leave the tree but others may visit the realm through another member of her own clan or through other element guarders.

Alanze has been trained since she was young but having been to wild her mother deemed it fit she attend a school that had a reputation for strict Ettaquite not to mention they were for kids just like her. She did this in hope to see Alanze grow up a bit. She had all the strength she was a master of fire but she didn’t yet understand what her duty was she didn’t understand that fire was light and that was something that she had to figure it out of herself.

When Alanze was told this news she didn’t necessarily like it. She would be away from her sisters and new born little brother. Being that she was the oldest she couldn’t even cause a scene.

She hated her first two years at the Institute she felt like she was sent into a nut house but after joining clubs and working hard she looked forward to leaving from vacation to go to school.  She had made a few friends and finally 18 she was ready to rock the school before she is bound to an eternity of babysitting the tree of fire.

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