Druid MagicEdit


The user can utilize the nature-based magical arts of the druids, the Celtic priestly class, that were said to possess great influence over nature. Note that this power is based on popular culture view about druids, so the historical accuracy isn't the top priority.


  • Animal Empathy
  • Animal Morphing
  • Disaster Manipulation
  • Disease Generation (if malevolent)
  • Divination
  • Dowsing
  • Ecological Empathy
  • Healing
  • Nature Manipulation
  • Plant Communication
  • Potion Creation
  • Shapeshifting
  • Weather Manipulation
  • Zoolingualism


  • Magic is limited to control over natural elements and therefore ineffective in tampering with cosmic forces.
  • Opponents who can degrade and deteriorate nature itself can be a major threat to the user.
  • Artificial objects and places are unnatural and thus hard or impossible to influence.

Known UsersEdit

Merlin (Arthurian Folklore)

Merlin (Merlin Tv series)

The Dark Druid (Martin Mystery)

Druids (Shannara)

Doctor Druid (Marvel Comics)

Druid Class (RPG)

Atticus O*Sullivan (Iron Druid Chronicles)

Honami Takase Ambler (Rental Magica)

Cairngorm Stoneblood (Champions)

Druids (Teen Wolf)

Broll Bear-Mantle (World of Warcraft)