Rules and Regulations

  • "Different" individuals all over the world have applied to become a student of the Insitution of Limitless Potential; once they have been monitored for a time period in their homes and everyday lives, they were sent an Acceptance letter that offered them a position.
  • Students attenting the Institution then moved from their homes all around the world and placed in on-campus residence with a roommate. Roommates are of the same gender, and are expected to be at appropriate behaviour through their settlement together. 
  • Students must follow the timetable, or they will be expelled or suspended from the Institution. The establisment is heavily academy-based, and expect the best of the students. Intellect and elegance are very well looked at, and it is envisioned that one follows the protocols when they were sent the Acceptance Letter.
  • The Institution itself is placed in South London, which is a rural and chav-filled area. There is usually rape, knife crimes, robberies, misconduct, vandalism, and other evil trouble or damage. The students use their enhanced abilities/powers/skills for good. In order to pay the Institution for their attendance, they could help the government with mischief. In turn for helping the government, it provides the University with the money neccessary to keep it running.
  • The students at this Institution are not superHEROES. They do not fight supervillians, they are just normal individuals with powers that they may use in situations that may be needed.
  • No killing of any individual is allowed: London inhabitants, other students, or facualty staff members. This will result in immediate expulsion and possible termination on sight. 
  • Powers are limitied to one individual.
  • "Normal" people are not aware, nor know of the students' powers and abilities. They believe the establisment is yet another University for very intellectual individuals that is near impossible to get accepted into. Powers, abilities, or skills are not allowed to leave the premisses for this reason -- school and campus residence are allowed, but outside of those two places it is not. This is to make ensure the safety and acceptance of the human population. An exception to this rule is when individuals are set out on tasks to help with mischief. 
  • Black and white formal/student attire is the uniform policy.