First NameEdit

(Character's first name goes here.)

Last NameEdit

(Character's last name goes here.)

IMVU UsernameEdit

(IMVU Username goes here.)


(OPTIONAL. Character's nicknames go here.)


(Character's age goes here. First year University students are around 18 or 19 years old.)

Date of BirthEdit

(Character's date of birth goes here. Make sure to list in MM/DD/YY format. Example: 06/14/95)


(Character's gender goes here. Example: Male, Female, ect.)


(Character's ethnicity goes here. Example: Asian, European, North American, etc.)


(Character's height goes here.)


(Character's weight goes here.)


(Character's occupation goes here. Example: Student, teacher, ect.)

Blood TypeEdit

(Character's blood type goes here. Example: A, B, AB, B, etc.)


(OPTIONAL. Character's scars and/or tattoos go here. A brief description of why/how one got them would be nice.)

Relationship StatusEdit

(Character's relationship status goes here. Example: Single, Married, In a Relationship, ect.)


(Character's personality goes here. Provide at least 100 words, preferably 200+. A well developed character is the key to a well developed RP.)


(Character's behaviour goes here. Consider manners, etiquette, social behaviour, ect. Example: does not swear, socially awkward, charismatic, shy in large groups, ect.)


(Character's powers go here. Make sure you have picked a power from the page that has all available superpowers listed. If it is a custom power that you wish to have, please ask Cristi/Peg before going with your idea. Make sure to write out your powers and abilities with as much detail as you possibly can.)


(OPTIONAL. Character's allies go here. Examples: certain villages, individuals, ect.)


(OPTIONAL. Character's enemies go here. Examples: Rivals, bullies, villages, individuals, ect.)


(Character's roommate here. If he/she does not have one yet, leave this blank.)

Background InformationEdit

(Character's backgroud information goes here. Include somewhat of a story of how your character came to be. Spend some time writing this part out, background information/stories add interesting elements to your character.)

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